#2. Making Fun of Darker Black People

wesleysnipesBlack People dig being Black more than they dig breathing, but it’s not good to be too Black (as in skin color, not attitude).

If come upon a group of Black friends, chances are the darkest one has the lowest self esteem, even lower than the fattest one. Why? Because being fat is relatively acceptable in the Black Community. Fat Black People can be a rich source of humor and knowledge of where the best places to eat are. But an extremely black Black Person? That’s just unacceptable even in extreme cases.

Charlie Murphy, Whoopie Goldberg’s lips, the back of Forest Whitaker’s neck, Wesley Snipes and other darker than usual Black People are repeatedly made fun of for their darker skin. Why? Because this makes brown Black People who feel the entire world is constantly discriminating against them for being Black feel just a little bit better about themselves by knowing there are darker people they can discriminate against (not unlike how Caucasian People make fun of other Caucasian People for being too pale, but far more harsh and mean spirited).

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  1. Black people are ridiculous. White people rarely make of fun of pale people. Most of the time pale people have better skin than darker whites. But whats ridiculous is that you, and your friends are as bad as my ancestors. Your ancestors looked like Wesley Snipes. So, it just proves my point of how black people even make fun of their own race. The reason you aren’t as dark as Wesley snipes is because you are mixed with white blood, and so are a majority of “blacks”, if you can even call them that, in this country. You aren’t black. Wesley is black. You are the basted descendant of slave-master sex. Therefore, lighter in color than Wesley. I am white. Real Black people, like Wesley are to be made fun of. You are obviously in agreement with this, for, you make fun of the “darker” blacks, because they are less appealing in the eyes of your white overlords. You are not black, but a mutt.

    • Wow dude, just…wow! As for this post, where exactly did you get your research? Who’s to say a fat person has a higher – and yet still low self-esteem than that of a much darker person? Who told you this?

  2. so really making fun of dark skinned blacks shows that you dont actually like ”being black”, but being as close to white as possible, and you have slavery to thank for that, what a hoot! i bet you guys are really scratching your heads now. hahaha

  3. Most light black or mixed (black)heritage people i know have darker black partners or the mixed through slavery black partners as you liked to put it, its usually the ones that are classed as full black who say nasty things or wouldnt date someone darkest black skinned. I know white people may catagories blacks by the one drop rule but within the black community some people class themselves by what genetics they have in their blood.

  4. I just wanted to reply that white people do make fun of white pale people! And this takes place a LOT! You wouldn’t know this unless you were a pale white person, like myself, who gets poked fun at all the time. I have learned to take it in stride, but in school I was embarrassed to wear shorts or sleeveless shirts because of being told I was blinding people like the sun.

  5. Chris the Fair

    Once again you hit the nail on the head. White people make fun of pale-skinned white people all the time. The most ignorant, racist whites are the ones that usually make fun of people whose skin is paler than their own.

  6. Travis-Phoenix

    As a young african american male I must say this is true. I am constantly made fun of being darker than most black people but what they dont look at is the paper we sign. Ethicity:Black not brown not light skinned. Only Black. This all comes from the paper bag status before and after the emancipation proclamation.

  7. Black people are the most racist people on earth, hands down

  8. Why is someone just making look like this lady is shit as soon as she eats to be racist. Why do they keep driving and circling with there careers and trying to make fun of her color and her body type and life style. She just keeps smiling and going because there hurting her life because of government assistance. So they feel like they can talk to her and treat her body any kind of way in front of white, chinese and light skinned women. Then they trying to hurt her feeling with strippers and everything.

  9. I can’t believe people are taking this SO seriously! It’s obviously meant to be FUNNY not actual real facts about ALL Black people! I am Black to most…light skinned to some….brown skinned to others and even honey brown to a few!!! Very few of these things listed apply to me. I was born and raised in the south but I’ve traveled all over. I’ve encountered more discrimination from my OWN so called people than from any other race on this planet!!!! Mostly females who simply disliked me for THE COLOR OF MY SKIN OR LENGTH OF MY HAIR!!!!! Dark sisters think I think I’m better than them and sisters who are lighter than me think I’m inferior to them. All because of my skin which like most of us falls somewhere on that beautiful spectrum between “damn now that’s BLACK!” to “ain’t no way in hell he/she is BLACK!”. I’m just me….southern black chick who grew up appreciating all the beauty GOD created in this world! Racism…. don’t buy into the hype….no matter what race you are you’re discriminated against for SOMETHING. Sorry for the novel but…this WAS funny to read!!! PEACE.

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