#7. Bootleg DVDs

bootlegdvdsThis may come as a total surprise (especially if you are a Hollywood studio executive), but Black People love movies. Next to sports, watching movies is one of Black People’s favorite pastimes. However, with rising gas and ticket prices, your average Black Person can’t always make it out to the theater (even if the gas and ticket prices were low they still probably wouldn’t go).

That’s where bootleg DVDs find their niche. Ask your local bootleg what kind of people make up the majority of his clientele and chances are he will undoubtedly say “Black People”.

Black People will always prefer to watch a movie in the comfort of their own home where they don’t have to pay outrageous concession stand prices for food and don’t have to put up with annoying or stuck-up people (who aren’t Black) that can’t handle a little chatter or louder than usual laughter during the movie.

This activity also segues into another popular topic among Black People, which is where to purchase the best bootlegs. Black People can and will talk at length about where to find the newest and clearest bootlegs before the movie itself is even hits wide-release. The one Black Person who can pull off such a feat will automatically be envied by all the other Black People they know.

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  1. im totally down with rocking the bootlegs,there cheap,easy to get,and save a trip to the movies !

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