#11. Bringing Up Slavery

rootsIf you are not a Black Person then you cannot possibly imagine what it feels like to know that your ancestors were snatched from their homeland, shipped overseas to another continent in chains like cattle and forced to work long hard hours year round with no pay, no days off, and no civil rights. That’s why Black People will go out of their way to remind you of this every chance they get.

Black People have a very long memory and have absolutely no qualms about bringing up the topic of slavery when it may benefit them (and even when it may not… especially when it may not).

Every problem that exists within the Black Community can be traced back to slavery (aka “racism”). Despite the fact that slavery ended over 140 years ago, many Black People can still feel what it was like to be a slave and believe that Caucasian People owe them something for the atrocities carried out by their ancestors (at least Native Americans got casinos, didn’t they?)

Despite the fact that nearly every Caucasian Person alive has never legally owned a slave before, Black People know in their hearts that, if slavery were brought back, Caucasian People would rejoice in the streets and would throw a huge “Slavery’s Back!” party complete with free booze, confetti and Macy’s Day Parade floats.

The only way for Black People to make sure that this never ever happens is to insure that Caucasian People feel guilty about slavery at all times  and to never, ever let them for get it.

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  1. And Shepherds we shall be

    For thee, my Lord, for thee.

    Power hath descended forth from Thy hand

    Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.

    So we shall flow a river forth to Thee

    And teeming with souls shall it ever be.

    In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti.”

  2. this is the most uneducated thing i have ever read

  3. “Despite the fact that slavery ended over 140 years ago, ”

    I forgot that after slavery was abolished everyone went on to their happy ways and everything was A-OK…

  4. I will not argue that in the past Black people were not absolutely discriminated against however using that argument now is just a crutch. I am not saying that there is no racism there is and will always be. It is worth stating that some black people are racist as well. There are few areas left in America where black people will be openly discriminated against however go to any major city and there are multiple places that white people very well may be attacked by blacks just for being there. Bottom line is we as Americans have adopted racism as a policy i.e. Affirmative Action: The choosing of one person over another solely based on race. The fact that black people are almost never charged with hate crimes against whites. Is this because it is rare? No, research it! It is just politically incorrect. These types of issues may be designed to stop racism but they only further it on both sides. If we truly want to work towards curbing racism we need to stop using racism to form law and policy on both sides. I watched Rodney King and then I watched a group of black people pull a white track driver out of his truck and beat him with bricks in the LA riots was this not a hate crime. Equal Rights?? Are we repeating the past in reverse?

  5. They act like “white people” were inherently evil, and black people were inherently victims. Several points to make:

    (1) It was mostly west Europeans – French, English, Belgians, Dutch etc – who contributed to the trans Atlantic slave trade. But ALL white people are blamed for it, even though many European races, such as the Scandinavians, were not involved. This is racism against white people.
    (2) The reason Sub-Saharan African was vulnerable to colonial victimisation several centuries ago, was because Arabs had been plundering and enslaving much of the continent for a millennium before hand. It’s a part of Islam that you must conquer the lands of non-believers and if they don’t convert, enslave, rape or kill them. So sub-Saharan Africa was already drastically weakened and ripe for plundering because it had already been under sustained attack by muslims for 10 centuries – not white people.
    (3) talking of Muslims, several centuries ago 1,000,000 French and Spanish people were captured and enslaved by Arabs from North Africa (the Barbary Coast, where the term “barbarian” comes from). So white people were victims themselves, and the prime evil race are the Muslims. But we never go on about it.
    (4) Some Iraqi sheiks still keep black slaves to this day.
    (5) talking of white people being enslaved, Irish people were systematically repressed and abused by the English, who considered them to be utter savages, since the beginning of history. The Irish, who had been stereotyped for many centuries exactly the same as black people were, were enslaved just as much as Africans in the USA. But no one talks about that – and no one cares because Irish people look the same as their Anglo neighbours – ie white people. They therefore can’t count as true slaves.
    (6) today, pygmy races in Africa are routinely enslaved and raped by their conventionally-sized black neighbours. If they avoid slavery, their are general taken advantage of and discriminated.
    (7) many Jews were involved in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
    (8) The first owner of black slaves in the USA was a black man.
    (9) slavery has existed throughout the world
    (10) There are more slaves alive today at this point in time than the amount of black slaves shipped to the Americas over the who periods of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

    My point – slavery is not a white institution and there is nothing about black people that makes them particularly likely to be slaves. Many, many white people were slaves throughout history, and many black people had owned slaves. Slavery is not a racial institution, it was simply a case of medieval barbarians taking advantage of whomever they could. It’s racist to keep making all white people feel responsible and all black people feel like victims. And if anyone deserves to have feel racial guilt, it’s Muslims, who are culturally compelled to conquer and plunder the lands of non-believers.

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