#15. Being Openly Racist

openlyracistBecause of slavery, Black People feel a universal sense of entitlement from Caucasian People. Since it looks like Black People will not receive reparations or casinos anytime soon, there’s only one way Black People can get revenge for slavery: being openly racist and knowing they can get away with it.

This puts Caucasian People in a bad spot and builds up further resentment towards Black People, because Black People can be as racist toward Caucasian People as they want knowing full well Caucasian People are restricted from openly stating anything negative about Black People lest they be branded a racist (even if the Black Person in question is a total jerk that has it coming). However, there are three types of Black People when it comes to this issue.

1) Neutral; these tend to be Young Black People who have had good experiences with Caucasian People of a similar age and bear no slavery or civil rights-related malice towards people with pale skin.

2) Closet Racist; these tend to be Black People in their 30’s or 40’s who grew up in the 70’s, 80’s or early 90’s and may have experienced some general racism. They realize not all Caucasian People want to hang them from a tree or drag them from the back of their pickup truck, but that whole slavery thing was just too big to brush off.

3) 100% Racist; these tend to be Older Black People who grew up in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who most certainly did experience racism through an attack dog’s bite, the sting of a fire hose, or the pain in the butt from sitting at lunch counters all day. These Black People are usually bitter and unreasonable and will never give Caucasian People (or any Non-Black group for that matter) an inch to save their life.

The legacy that Openly Racist Black People leave on the world is making Caucasian People jealous. Everyone on the planet is prejudice towards some group of people to some degree, but the problem arises when Caucasian People, who have been able to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted for centuries up till now, are told they can’t talk bad about Black People. This is extremely frustrating to Caucasian People, a frustration that Black People revel in and go to sleep at night with a smile on their face thinking about.

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  1. *bang* did you hear that? that was the sound of you hitting the nail right on the head.

  2. Thanks for saying what white people can not say publicly without being labeled a racist by a society that has become so politically correct that common sense has gone out the window.

  3. Meanwhile, dumbass white people continue to let them get away with errything, then wonder why nigs feel they’re entitled. I may not be white, but I resent their stupidity because they allow it!!

  4. Racist and Prejudice is 2 different things. Racism is causing the systematic, social , and or economic disadvatages. Black people have never done that in America to another race. What you are talking about is black prejudice people.

  5. Stupidity

  6. My Black ass Said it!

    Black people are RACIST too. In their own communities I’ve endure countless times of having my Italian girlfriend being denied or ignored when entering a hair salon; I’ve watched black people run white people out of municipal housing or bullied white people that lived in municipal housing which is fucking mind boggling because why are you mad? because there are white people living in the projects just like you? Blacks say the word nigga all the time but as soon as a white person says it IN THE SAME CONTEXT they get accosted or verbally assaulted. You will always hear black women that wear hair weaves talk down on white women when they see white women in urban trends. Some will even engage on physical altercations not knowing that when they do shit like this they are actually validating that they are the weaker link! if a girl looks good in clothing SHE LOOKS GOOD IN CLOTHING why the fuck does it always have to be blacks look better do better are better in everything? Yes I agree, slavery had some doing in this stinking thinking but at the same time when the hell are blacks going to take responsibility and do better? They are significantly co dependent on pointing the finger at others for their doings. Shit pisses me off. Even in my own home I had to endure that stupid shit. Blacks are so prejudice they cant even stand light skinned blacks. I’m one of them. Know how many insults I get from darker skinned blacks? I mean its fucking ridiculous! not for nothing ive been called a nigga by more blacks than any white person in my life. In fact I’ve never been called a nigga or nigger by any white person. And if I have it wasn’t in a racial way. When blacks read this post im going to get a lot of backlash for it. And I sincerely do not care. I dont live my life in racism. And when racism is around, I remove myself from the situation. You cant change people. This is something that all people need to understand. Especially blacks.

  7. The definition of racism is very clear :
    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

    Can black people be racist ? YES !

    Some even think that the whole white race is evil and have to pay for their ancestors sins. This is insanity.

  8. Blacks are racist towards Indians(Asians)..I don’t understand this,why?….they accuse Indians of stealing jobs..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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