#19 Fiction Books About Sex and Infidelity

ZANEThere is a widespread belief that Black People don’t read books. This is 50% false. Although most Black People may not have a series of New York Times Bestsellers on the shelf next to their bootleg DVDs, chances are they will have a copy of Desperate Hoodwives, a Triple Crown Publication book, or at least one novel written by Kiki Swinson or ZANE. You will never find a copy of “Pride and Prejudice” or anything by Jane Austen or William Shakespeare anywhere within a 100 foot radius of any Black Person’s home.

As was mentioned in #14. Not Using Contraceptives, Black People have an insatiable appetite for “boning“. However, when a Black Person isn’t currently attached to anyone, they must find other was to feed their sexual desires. For Black Males porno usually does the trick, but for more educated Black Males and nearly all Black Females, they usually find solace in erotic fiction books.

Pretty much all these books tend to follow the same key plot-line: Black People having sex with each other and/or cheating on their significant other. This is the only subject that interests Black People, save for books about famous Black People like Michael Jackson.

If you are a Non-Black Person and wish to impress a Black Person you know or just met, be sure to mention how you’ve just finished reading the latest Zane novel and tell them how her writing is so much better than anything James Patterson or Danielle Steel could ever hope to write. This will automatically make you not a racist in the Black Community.

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  1. I love your site. I came to it from a link you posted in a thread on the IMDB.com site for the Tyler Perry film, “I Can Do Bad By Myself.” The threads on his movies have been serving as great entertainment for me. It is so surprising and interesting the things people say while opposing and promoting his films. It boggles the senses.
    But back to your site…
    I am posting on this entry becasuse I have written a book. My book is by no means a Zane, read alike, but it’s core is very simular.
    I concur with your statements. Black readers are very transfixed by the sex lives and misadventures of others.
    Drama, sex, cheating, and a repeat of more of the same. There are people probably living like what we read about, and maybe we as writers are simply capitalizing on reality.
    Life can trully be stranger than fiction.

  2. you are a class-A jackass

  3. Cryp Slopper vo

    LOL that shit is just funny

  4. I’ve read many books by Danielle Steel; And in my opinion she’s a terrific writer. I am a Black Man. And would read her stuff before I would read some of the bs that some Black authors put out. That make us look so damn ignorant.

  5. Most of this shit is prejudiced but true. Some of it pretty funny. I’m a black man and I often have many of the same observations/complaints. I think many educated black people agree with much of this as well.

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