#20. Puffy Coats

puffycoatIf you are a Non-Black Person, seeing Black People in the snowy winter months must seem very strange to you. While you are still wearing shorts and sandals, Black People are wearing thick winter clothing and freezing their butts off. What’s the deal?

This, of course, can be traced back to slavery.

You see, Black People are a tropical group by nature. Dark skin can not absorb heat from the sun as easily as pale skin can. The downside is that Black People tend to feel 37% colder during the winter months than Non-Black People, which means they need extra thick clothing to keep warm, i.e. puffy coats.

Sure, Black People could wear reasonably-sized coats and still keep warm, but what you must understand is that when it comes to Black People, anything that’s worth doing is worth overdoing in the never ending quest to be “baller“.

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  1. Cryp Slopper vo

    LMAO Chris W. Its the oppisite, Darker things have a lower reflectivity and absorb more heat energy. In the first years of human life our bodies nervous systems adapt to our environments. After a certain age( I FORGET WHICH AGE, however i think its after puberty) that nervous system adaption cant change back anymore.. so if were from a tropical environment in our youger days and we goto a colder cllimate later our bodies most definitely will feel more of a shock and they wont be able to handle it as well… Thats why I see indian people in my city wearing touques and huge ass jackets when everyone else is wearing a t shirt or sweater…. but its not because their indian, its because they recently immigrated. I have a leopard fur lined puffy jacket. I just wear it cause it looks dope. I dont know where the fuck this style came from though

  2. It is funny to see when it’s 57 degrees. As said above, darker absorbs heat. Of course it’s often overcast or night when you see these big ass coat wearers who are dressed for an arctic expedition. Black people are never at the walking track unless it’s above 70.

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