#21. Lotion and Chapstick

lotion_chapstickIf you are not a Black Person, you may not be aware that Black People can easily contract a fairly common yet horrible skin condition known as “being ashy” and often times their lips can get extremely chapped, or “crusty”.

For a Black Person to go out in public with ashy skin and crusty lips is a terrible criminal offense to all Black People and ranks right up there with owning a Prius and dating a Caucasian Person.

Everyone gets dry skin, but Black People get dry skin 88.8% more than most other groups, so Black People have decided to turn it into a huge issue. The only way that Black People can combat ashy skin and crusty lips is to have a travel bottle of lotion (preferably Lubriderm) and at least two sticks of chapstick on their person at all times (but not the cheap Dollar Store stuff, but the CVS or Rite Aid high quality expensive stuff).

Note: A Black Person can not achieve “baller” status with ashy skin and crusty lips. The only thing they can achieve is getting laughed at and made fun of by properly moisturized and lubricated Black People.

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  1. Scientific fact, black people don’t age as quickly. thats probably because they take care of their skin. Caucasians have the WORST skin imaginable. they have crows feet at 20

  2. That cocoa butter pays off lmao!

  3. Or…Maybe black people dont age as quickly because the melatonin in their skin (the stuff that gives skin a dark color) protects them from sun damage better than someone with lighter skin…Maybe

    • that’s actually a contributing factor, there’s also that fact that darker skinned people (not only black people) don’t tan so they protect their skin from the sun more effectively.

  4. This blog is totally invalidated by this, everyone knows black people use Carmex.

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