#22. Not Tipping

no_tipWhy don’t Black People like to tip? Well, there’s a popular joke that goes, “Why should you paint a canoe Black? Because then it won’t tip.” Truer words have never been spoken.

There are nearly 40 million Black People in the United States, and maybe twenty or so have ever left a tip for a waiter or waitress in their entire life. But why? Why do Black People refuse to leave a little extra money for people that survive on tips? The answers may surprise you.

The first reason is because of the movie Reservoir Dogs. Black People love Quentin Tarantino movies (especially Pulp Fiction) and watch them religiously, so it’s no wonder that Black People don’t tip because every single living Black Person has seen Reservoir Dogs and agrees 100% with Steve Buscemi’s monologue at the beginning of the film.

The other reason is that if Black People left tips all the time, they wouldn’t have enough money left over to buy expensive tennis shoes, Cadillac Escalades, rims and bootleg DVDs.

There is an ongoing myth that all Black People are either living off of welfare, have record deals, or have a multi-million dollar contract with an athletic sports team. As much as Black People wish this were true, it just isn’t. Most Black People come from lower-middle class incomes and can barely pay the rent, so they horde every penny they can and do not endorse “giving away free money”.

So if you are a waiter or waitress and wonder why Black People don’t tip, blame Quentin Tarantino and gentrification. It’s all their fault.

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  1. you gotta tip,dont be a cheap bastard !

  2. I tend bar and this is true, but I wouldn’t say 100 percent, maybe 75 to 85. Since we’re all about stereotypes here goes. Bikers tip the best. Doesn’t matter if they are scummy gang types or lawyers with their Harley’s being pulled behind their RV. Gay men come in second, though it is interesting that lesbians are HORRIBLE tippers, worse than Black people or even Mr. Pink. People that work for tips come in third (although I suppose a gay biker bartender would come in first, second, and third). Thankfully, some black people have picked up on the fact that tipping is actually in their own personal best interest more often than not, and are good tippers. I enjoy few things more than watching a black person take another black person to task for perpetuating a stereotype. Oh… and the Mr. Pink speech is complete BS, as his argument assumes that servers make minimum wage, which varies state to state, but is usually crap. I make 4.19 an hour BEFORE taxes are taken out. That means for an 8 hour shift I make about 30 bucks from my employer.

  3. Jason- That’s not true. Servers make AT LEAST minimum wage in EVERY state. You just don’t realize it because your tips cover it. The way it works is that there is a minimum wage for servers and then the general minimum wage. The minimum wage for servers is much lower and that is what their employer has to pay them, coming from the employer each hour. That amount is what (or is less than if your employer has opted to pay more) you perceive as your employer paying you 4.19/hr. However when the amount you make in tips is averaged out by the hour if it does not amount to at least the GENERAL minimum wage your employer must pay you the difference between what they normally pay you and the general minimum wage. Because your tips plus the 4.19 from your employer is coming to at least the amount of the general minimum wage (and most likely more) your employer is just paying you the $4.19/hr.

    I’m not someone who is against tipping or who thinks people shouldn’t tip, I start at 20% at restaurants/salons $1/drink at bars. But it drives me crazy when servers act like they make less than minimum wage. Not only are they guaranteed the general minimum wage if their tips don’t bring them there, but they usually make quite a bit more. I’ve worked retail, call center, office work,fast food, phones at a delivery place, taxi dispatching, and even a summer on a farm. I’ve always made at least a little more than minimum wage, and I’ve never made more than HALF of what my friends who are servers or bartenders do in a week.

  4. Can’t afford to tip? Stay your ass home!!

  5. As far as blacks go, black women are mostly the culprits when it comes to not tipping. Whether its servers, hotel staff, or strippers at stripclubs, black women do NOT like to tip well. And if the server is latino/a or asian, you can fucking forget it. Their rationale usually falls in line with: “Well, that wasn’t shit. I coulda done that!” The only way a black women will tip well is if she herself has had a job as a waitress or if the waitress is a friend of hers.

    Meanwhile, they OVERtip the person who does their nails, toes or their hair.

  6. What part of $2.15 hr is minimum wage??? They don’t pay shit in most states. And as far as Mr. Pink goes, I agree and disagree with that scene. Why should we have to help out with the rent? Yeah, she can find another job. Yep, if a server isn’t attentive they really don’t deserve a decent tip. Also black ppl don’t like to tip because they figure servers already get a working wage plus let’s be real they just don’t give a shit about how good service was.

  7. Your Intellectual Superior.

    Tipping is important in the American food service industry. Wait staff (in the US) earn very little in hourly wage and rely on tips to make ends meet. It’s unusual – and basically, unexpected – to tip wait staff and bartenders in Europe, since they tend to earn a livable salary, in these positions. I’ve lived in a lot of different states and in Europe, and I found that when I move to a new place and find a nice tavern or restaurant that I might consider frequenting, I’ll tip well. Even if the service and/or the food wasn’t really that great the first time. But if you become a “regular” and they recognize you as a good tipper, you might find your drinks a little stronger then the last time, or your food prepared a little better and served faster, etc. In other words, you get respect and your patronage gets appreciated, since they tend to remember you. Tipping is technically ‘charity’ and like all charities…it’s for a good cause. That’s been my experience.

    I remember going to some greasy spoon in Boston about 40 years ago for a cup of coffee. It cost 50 cents and it tasted like bong water. I was already having a bad day and that coffee wasn’t making it any better. When I downed the last dreadful swallow, the waitress walked over and poured me another and said, “This is a fresh pot.” She smiled the warmest smile I’ve seen in a long time, pressed her hand gently on my shoulder and sauntered away. The coffee tasted like ‘fresher’ bong water, but that small gesture of humanity was worth the $5 bill I left on the table for her.

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