#24. Discriminating Against Interracial Couples

heidi-sealDespite the fact that virtually all Black People in America have ancestors that are not Black (i.e. slavery), and despite the fact that many famous personalities that are popular with Black People come from an interracial background (Halle Berry, Tiger Woods, The Rock, Vin Diesel, The President), the sight of a Black Person in an intimate embrace with someone that is not Black still sends a cold chill up a Black Person’s spine. But why? The answer is more complex than you might think.

Black Hate towards interracial couples is perhaps one of, if not the biggest controversy in the Black Community, but it is not without nuance. Black People are permitted to have intimate contact with the following Non-Black groups: Asian People, Spanish/Mexican People, Samoan People, Indian People, Native American People, dark-skinned Italian People, Aboriginal People and Jewish People with extremely curly hair.

Black People are not permitted to have intimate contact with the following Non-Black groups: Caucasian People.

The most despised combination is of course the Black Male and the Caucasian Female, even if it’s only in a fiction sense (just as Wesley Snipes). Because of the large number of incarcerated Black Males in America (over 1 million), the ratio of available Black Females to Black Males can be as high as 7 to 1 in some cases. And since the vast majority of Black Females can not possibly imagine living their lives without a Black Male to complain to their girlfriends about, many Black Females see interracial couples as threatening their personal happiness (even if the Black Female in question is already in a long-term relationship).

That and the Black Community’s ongoing resentment towards Caucasian People over slavery. Jewish People didn’t stop being intimate with Caucasian People after the holocaust, but Black People seem hellbent on limiting their romantic options and choosing to be alone rather than embrace Caucasian People as possible life partners. But Black People’s overwhelming propensity for “boning” will ultimately make this form of discrimination obsolete.

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  1. I disagree. Black women are so often made to seem like the ignorant people who refuse to date/marry white people. Not true. Also, what’s with this about black women being upset with black men who date/marry non-black people? I – along with most black women – couldn’t care any less who black men date. I have to stop getting myself worked up from reading overgeneralized blogs about groups of people?

  2. “I have to stop getting myself worked up from reading overgeneralized blogs about groups of people?”

    Or maybe just develop a sense of humor. You know, whatever works.

  3. Or the post is way off in generalization. Not everyone feels the same hmm? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. blackgirlredheart

    lol at this, the most despised IRR couple is black women/white men.
    There is no couple more threatening than a BW/WM couple.
    Black men have killed because of it and people have tried their damndest (lol) to keep these two seperat for decades.
    The idea of a WM sharing their wealth with a BW is horrific to most people because it threatens white privilege, in order for white privilege to work WM have to mate and marry WW.
    BW have everything to gain from this relationship and WW with BM have eveything to lose.
    also, the whole ‘black women get mad at black men for dating non black women’ is getting tired.
    give it a rest, it wasn’t funny or accurate back in the 90s and sure isn’t now.

  5. I’m a black woman with a white man. Certainly, the most hated IR combination is with BW/WM. Ugh! Just ask my boyfriend’s mother!!! Hahahaha!

  6. I have to agree with a couple of the other posters. I am a white woman in a serious relationship with a black man. Very few people, including black women give us a second look. But let a black woman show up on the arm of a white man and people still gasp and stare! There is a definite double standard! I have yet to figure out why, but I’ve seen it too often to think it isn’t there.

  7. My cousin recommended this blog inter racial dating and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  8. This is increibly funny and true. I often hear black women claim, white women are “stealing” their men…which, I, as a black man think thats a load of crap. Trust me, a black women seeing a white women with a black man with the exception of few black women, (especially if you live in LA) is like kryptonite to them.

  9. Wow. That is extremely BS. I’m a black girlteen with a white boyfriend (He’s the best. He makes my ex-spanish-bf look like nothing. I do only date ppl outside of my race; I don’t know why). I want to marry a white man. I find them extremely adorable. (Some). [I find SOME of every race adorable. SOME]. Oh, “Black Hate towards interracial couples is perhaps one of, if not the biggest controversy in the Black Community,” not true.

  10. Oh btw this is Loleh and i LOVE interracial couples ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. I’m a caucaisian female and I am in a serious relationship with a black guy. My whole family is racist. His family accepts me… Well his grnadmother does we haven’t been down south to talk to his mother yet. But anywho. Just because some people have issuse with black people and white people getting together does not mean it will stop happening. Love is love.

  12. With global warming, soon everyone will be black. This will not be a concern then.

  13. I’m a amongst the small group of Black women/White men, My husband is white and I’m black. I don’t want to take away from the plight that black men go through with white women, but bw and wm get punished the most. Black men will yell at us, like why am i degrading myself, yell at my husband saying that he can’t satisfy me. It gets really ugly from everyone. Then you have other black women who are checking us out, like oh he must be rich, We aren’t rich. We struggle like everyone else, and want to be treated like everyone else. Yet i see several bm/ww couples and no one even gives them a second glance…wtf….why does it bother people so much.

  14. I am a black woman who’s always been in an all-white kind of bourgeois environment since I was born. I was the ONLY one there. While on the school bus one day in 7th grade, a girl told me, seriously but very sincerely, meaning no harm, like she was feeling for me, that there was not a lot of black guys in this town so it would be hard for me to find a boyfriend… (!). I thought she was right at that moment, as unexperienced and young as I was. I don’t remember her face, but I would be happy to tell her that the two significant relationships I have had in my life to date are with white, absolutely completely white guys, coming from my (extended) surroundings. They were adorable with me, and the reason why we are not together anymore have to do with every other couple’s challenges have to deal with: we were not meant to be together. I know I’m an Oreo cookie, but the cookie has family that is not from here, and that was not a problem because they were open to it. They knew that dating that black girl meant she a had family that was different. I may be naive, but that’s my experience.

  15. Yeah but i dont see you people compaining about the mixed babies that are the beautiful result of this. Im mixed and I HATE and discriminate against plain ignorant people. Have fun fucking your cousins and possible siblings you never knew existed. Have fun with all the health problems that comes from a stale gene pool. Im just saying I havent ever met a special needs or unhealthy mixed person of any kind. Last time I checked God put different people on this planet so we could mix and mingle and not be at eachother throats, but to love one another. Dont be shallow and shovonistic.

    • Monique, you are so incredibly ignorant.. black people were put on earth to be slaves and do hard labor for the chosen people. Just look up the curse of Ham and what the Mormons think of dark skinned mud race

  16. Cryp Slopper vo


  17. What confuses me is how could any white woman be stupid enough to hook up with a negro? In a matter of days that “playa” will be long gone, either in prison for car jacking or moved on to the next hoe down the street. The most unfortunate leftovers will be stuck with a moronic kid with an orange afro. Special ed and welfare for life, baby

    • They’re always the fugly obese white girls who can’t get any white man. The good looking white girls only go with rich negro men and end up taking these basketball players money

  18. Love this article! I completely agree!

  19. Which is why JC Penny is probably going out of business. Three years in a row their back to school ad had a black guy chasing his white girlfriend.

  20. The Voice of Reason Speaks Not Yet But Later

    Well there’s one thing that two hategroups can agree on.

    Btw, I’m genuinely curious. Please link to examples of this judgement.

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