#28. Spanking Their Children and Not Apologizing For It

spankingIn June 2007, Ernest Haycraft (Caucasian Person), was arrested for beating his child with a belt. His mistake? He was Caucasian.

You see, where Caucasian People are looked down upon and condemned for dispensing some leather justice on their child’s behind, it is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged in the Black Community. Many Black People who were spanked as children have grown into adults and even thanked their parents for properly disciplining them. But why? The answers may shock you.

Really, it all goes back to slavery.

When Black People were slaves they were repeatedly whipped and beaten, sometimes half to death, sometimes all the way to death. Slavery may have ended over 140 years ago, but Black People have decided to continue to adopt the practice of disciplining their children in much the same way (albeit without the “death” part).

It is also worth mentioning that many methods Caucasian People use to discipline their children (time outs, punishments, restricting television or Internet privileges) just doesn’t seem to work on Black People’s children the same way a belt, brush or extension cord across the behind most certainly does.

So if you are a Caucasian Person with a problem child and are afraid of being arrested for properly disciplining your child, call your nearest Black representative and they will be right over to do the job for you, sometimes without even getting paid. After all it is a public service.

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  1. White people might want to take some notes. That’s why your kids are so disrespectful, calling their mom “bitches” and have this false sense of entitlement. Spare the rod, spoil the child. I got my ass whooped as a child when I did something wrong and it has made me a better person. I wouldn’t dream of disrespecting my parents the way I’ve seen some white kids do. White people act like they are afraid of their own kids. Ever notice that there are like 0 black people on Nanny 911?

  2. I’m a white boy that got whipped by my parents and I couldn’t agree more. Honestly, I was dumb as hell as a kid and sometimes it takes physical pain to understand when one is wrong. My dad once told me that he was gonna knock my block off. I’ve never been so scared in my life, and I never mouthed off again.

  3. Thank you Clint. I am Black but was raised by White people. And I got my butt whooped if I thought of disrespecting my parents. Time outs? Give me a break! Sending me to my room was like sending me to Disneyland-I loved being in my room! How is that going to stop me from misbehaving? Yes, I spank my son and no I am not going to apologize for it. Maybe if the Britney Spears and Paris Hiltons would’ve gotten spanked more they wouldn’t be the mess they are today!

  4. I do not have a problem with physical discipline as a last resort. 1 tool not the only tool of discipline. I do not think this is due to black people being whipped as slaves. I think that is has to do with black people being less influenced by political correctness when is does not bring a net positive to them.

  5. Yep, smacking da shit outta your sprogs works so well that’s why blacks commit da the most crime (60%) and kill other blacks more than any other race.

  6. Yeah, such good parenting it leads to high incarceration rates, high unemployment, and fathers who don’t want to take care of their children.

  7. dsaffadsljladfshklj

    You better back it up!

  8. I really want a corndog.

  9. I am a white male and I am discussed by the behavior of white children and the lack parenting from their parents, black people damn sure don’t have the answers to everything, but they seem to have the answer to this one. What do these people expect there’s no consequences for their children’s behavior and they wonder why they are out of control It’s human nature to want to get away with whatever you can, it consequences that keep you from doing it. So in short praise your kids when they do right and beat that ass when talking no longer works, no sane person enjoys spanking their kid but being a parent isn’t always about doing what you want sometimes it’s doing something difficult for the right reasons!

  10. Totaly true, except the ‘slavery reason’ part. As the previous contributor mentioned, this is sth whites ought to copy soon. Displine your kids.

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