#52. Hoodies

adidas-hoodieIt is a well known fact that Black People do not enjoy cold weather, so when the temperature starts to drop they must dress appropriately. But sometimes it may not be cold enough to wear a puffy coat all the time, which is where hoodies come in handy.

Black People love to wear loose clothing, so hoodies usually make for a comfortable fit. Its front pouch negates the need for gloves and the hood can be conveniently used to help conceal one’s identity or quickly cover one’s head for fear of their hair getting wet.

Not to mention the fact that hoodies are quite often worn by Black People who are considered to be “baller“. Wearing a tucked in shirt or a suit and tie is not at all baller (unless the shirt is laced with diamonds glued to the fabric or the suit is lime green and ridiculously loud and expensive).

When a Black Person chooses to wear a hoodie in an environment where it would seem to be the least appropriate thing to wear (job interview, child custody hearing, etc) it communicates to the world that, no matter what, they are keeping it real.

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