#60. Disrespecting Law Enforcement

racial_profilingBlack People and Law Enforcement have always had a pretty tumultuous relationship.

Many people (mostly select groups that are Pro-Caucasian People) believe that there would be no crime, rape or murder in the United States if someone would just lock up all those pesky Black People who are genetically predisposed to committing crime.

Assuming this were true, it would point to one of history’s greatest unknown secrets: crimes like theft, murder and rape did not exist in America until after Black People came to this country.

Before Black People set food in the colonies, there was absolutely no criminal activity. But after the emancipation proclamation, 100% of all crimes were committed solely by Black People and directed exclusively against Caucasian People.

So it is no wonder that law enforcement feels the need to pull over and harass someone who happens to be “Driving While Black” even though more than half of rapists are not Black People and serial killers tend to not be Black Males who happen to be interested in police work.

It is also worth mentioning that many of the gangsters who made millions bootlegging during prohibition like Al Capone and Lucky Luciano were secretly Black People. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, the couple who robbed banks and killed innocent people before being gunned down by police? They were Black People too. The kids who shot up Columbine? Timothy McVeigh? George Sodini? Richard Poplawski? Ryan Alexander Jenkins? Raymond Clark? Charles Stuart? Andrea Yates? Susan Smith? Aileen Wuornos? All Black People.

But should the entire Black Community be blamed for the actions of a few individuals. Well of course they should. Who else is going to take the blame? So disenfranchised Black People will continue to disrespect law enforcement. That is until Hispanic People become the new Black People.

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  1. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3617385453924901875

    watch all of these movies and then laugh you dumb ass Dirt bag

    all those things you mentioned are do to the after effects of building this
    bullshit reality called “US GOV” with Dirt Bag cowards holding a gun to your Head ….get the Knowledge of Your Self. And you will see why this is…………………………………… that’s if you don’t have a calcified Pineal gland .i.e. “Third Eye Blind” 🙂

  2. DividedStatesofAmerica

    I am now dumber for have read the above response… Where’s my HeLmUT?? I’s off to go LIcK sum WinDows!!

  3. Waiting for you to leave the Matrix

    Only one that has a deep rooted unconscious feeling of insuperiority, feels the need to prove some that they have superiority; for example spending who knows how long to make a page of information that helps you with your life in no way! I’m sorry You’re mentally ILL Get Well Soon

  4. Yeah we all know who the sick,twisted person is…lol

  5. All you white devil do is make up shit!

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