#62. The Black Taco

Black-Jack-Taco-from-Taco-BellUnlike the Black Market or the Black Plague, black has finally been given a suffix that is tasty and delicious and at an affordable price.

The Black Community and Taco Bell have been quite fond of one another for decades, almost as much as Black People and KFC have been. But KFC never made a “Black Combo Meal” or “Black Chicken Sandwich”, so Taco Bell has now become the premiere fast food establishment within the Black Community for finally acknowledging the Black People that eat there by naming a taco after them.

Walk down the street. Ask a Black Person, any Black Person, if they like the Black Taco. Even if they have never even tried one yet, chances are they will still speak fondly of it. Now it is up to McDonald’s to make a “Black Cheeseburger”, Burger King to make a “Black Whopper”, and Wendy’s to simply make something that actually tastes good.

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  1. interesting..

  2. My friend just came back from the casinos in Macao , he made 20034 euros in black jack. I think the casinos are more liberal there.

  3. KFC has a black combo, it’s a thigh and a wing w/ a biscuit and a small drink for a buck 99.

  4. McDonalds, Burger King and Wendys have all made black colored food items with ingredients like squid ink In Asia for years, google,. is your friend.

  5. Black people love those fruity, and perhaps slushy drinks at Taco Bell. Sometimes you can be at the drive-thru for ten minutes and the car with a black driver in front just gets a fruity drink or two. I always think damn they must be good or are they going to put some gin in there.

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