#65. Loose Clothing

During slavery, Black People were provided tattered clothing devoid of style or originality (how they survived without expensive tennis shoes back then is anyone’s guess).

And so, now that Black People have their freedom, some naturally want to go right back to the way things used to be. Are you confused? Well, you should be.

When Black People wear tight or form-fitting clothing, they are immediately reminded of their ancestors being chained up and shuttled across the ocean to the Americas in the cramped hulls of slave ships. This can cause some Black People to immediately lose consciousness or break out in hives. The only solution is to wear loose clothing, as not to feel trapped or caged.

Of course, the downside is that this form of fashion makes some Black People look ridiculous.

But similar to how Black People like to be creative in styling their hair and naming their children, they also like to wear their clothes in creative ways. A huge part of Black Culture is about being different (from Caucasian People).

There are certain conditions in which Black People that love loose clothing will give it up for proper clothing…

Actually, no, there’s not. It will never change.

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  1. y the fuck yall got on clothes lik that

  2. It’s okay (if they want to look like idiots, let ’em!). Helps to more easily identify the next generation of hamburger patty flippers!

    • Yet yalla moms an daughters will fall to their knees an beg them to ram their big black dicks in their throughts. This is y u hate us cause ur fathers had nothing down there to please anyone an they passed their lack of man Hood to y’all. So u hate us when the person u should hate is ur fathers an or ur selves .an stop killing everything your race runs accross because of your lack. Or better yet tell ur mothers an daughters to suck dick harder so ur shit can grow. But oh yea that’s right they only like black dick in their mouths. So that would mean that black d will get even larger making ur dicks like air to them. Ha ya .wow u know how tite an ass is an ur dicks still brings no pleasure to ur wamon. Joke #2

      • You are exactly the reason we know black peoples are stupid,I can’t even read what you wrote.dummy,stop blaming us for all your shit,you are the ones destroying your own cultur,it’s just easier for your lazy asses to blame us.and put your hand out for your goverment checks.guess who’s pays for that,if you guessed the true blue blooded tax paying American citizens w you are right.but I know your dumb ass didn’t.so you better start behaving or us crackers as you say,won’t give you shit!!!

      • First of all, Chris, your whole comment is grammatically incorrect. You can’t call us stupid when you type like a 12 year old. Second of all, I am not stupid. Neither is my mother, father, grandmother, cousins, or anyone else that I know for that matter. You implied that we are begging for handouts. Due to the fact that God has blessed me, I have never had to ask for money or even friendship. Another sign of your ignorance is that you have the nerve to call yourself a true blooded American. The only true blooded Americans were the Natives, or did you not pay attention in 9th grade world history? Seriously,you think you are all high and mighty because you are white? Who says so that is an expert? I’d surely love to know. If you want to call yourself something, state the facts. I don’t know what you are mixed with now, but your first ancestors were European. People like you make me want to curse everyone out. You are no more American than the blacks you brought here to serve you because you couldn’t do the work by yourself. Did you ever think about that? While you rant about us whining and complaining, why don’t you just swim back across the pond before you say something like that to the wrong person. Thank you. Also, before you respond, use spellcheck because honey you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. That is due to being stuck in the old ways.
        And one more thing, have you ever thought about the fact that we don’t say rude things like that. It’s more commonly due to being provoked. I try to love everyone like the Bible says. It would benefit you to try it sometime

  3. I’m black. I am not obsessed with Precious or food. I excercise constantly and my favorite activity is fencing. Why is everything they like food and THEY like to threaten to go back to Africa. I swear this is so stereotypical and racist. Do you even hear yourselves! I don’t know if blacks around you are like this but that is not all of us. That is really a small minority that media likes to present. How is it that you can be so ignorant.

  4. Dam this site is rediculous. I’m black 22 yo. Some of this stuff is real but not every black person does this. I even see some whites trying to act black. It has ml less to do with race and more to do with stupidity. But on that noe I do admit alot of blacks partake in such foolishness…hmmm we just need to out grow it

  5. Pasely, I believe your name was. Your comment you made on “Next Generation” patty flippers was extremely inappropriate. Its people like you that still keep racism alive. Your a horrible person in the world. I personally believe that your a bit more uneducated than you would like to be perceived.If i’m not mistaken…and i don’t believe i am, weren’t YOUR ancestors the ones that brought us over here by boat. The reasons include but are not limited to raping us and using us to do work that they were too lazy to do? Makes no sense that you could sail across the ocean, capture and imprisonate a continent full of people, establish a slave trade and create auctions for the soul fact of having better slaves work and tend the lawn, yet and still your people couldn’t walk outside and pick some cotton? That seems pretty unnecessary to me. I hope my kids wont be born into a world where people like you exist to tear them down and make them feel sorry about their skin or race. I will teach them the right way and raise them well….to look out for Ugly Bitches like yourself. By the way please note that the bible does speak of a place that people like you go. Don’t bring a coat i heard it gets pretty toasty down there. Ta-Ta you broke bitch.

    • Diana Mccullough

      How many people are aware there were white children pickin cotton with the black slaves? The blacks that were sold into slavery were sold by their own people. And No one alive today was a slave. And I have black skinned friends who thinks it’s bull shit when blacks blame the white man for all their problems. And from my personal experience, a hell of a lot more blacks are a hell of a lot more racist than white people.

  6. You have to justify your racism somehow right? It’s a defense mechanism. A psychological though process to justify unknown hatred towards the unknown. As an American I know racism is not going to end because our country was built on it. There will be white people writing articles like this as long as our society systematically puts them at an advantage. Ignorance is bliss for most. Unless your blessed with melanin. I’m sure someone will find a reason to argue with me as long as I’m of African decent. They are afraid of a dominant gene that can ultimately change the image of a “pure Arian”. It’s okay though I have no criminal record, a college education, and a sincere love for humanity which makes me the dominant and more educated figure in this discussion.

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