Complete List of Stuff Black People Dig

#70. Birthday Parties

#69. Threatening To Go Back To Africa

#68. Not Eating Right

#67. Going To The Club

#66. Precious

#65. Loose Clothing

#64. Driving Without Insurance

#63. Not Being Haunted By Ghosts

#62. The Black Taco

#61. The First 7 Minutes of Chasing Amy

#60. Disrespecting Law Enforcement

#59. Warm Weather

#58. Complex Hairstyles

#57. The Idea of Owning a Bentley

#56. Movies Where The Black Guy Gets The Girl, Kills The Bad Guy and Saves The World

#55. Getting Drunk

#54. Not Getting Married

#53. Internet Dating Websites

#52. Hoodies

#51. Not Being Able To Take Criticism

#50. Using The N Word

#49. Discriminating Against Thin Women

#48. Friday

#47. Complicated Handshakes

#46. Going Back To Prison

#45. Getting Out Of Prison

#44. Bingo

#43. Buying Lottery Tickets

#42. Attention

#41. The Idea Of Tiger Woods

#40. Nails

#39. Bald Heads

#38. Tyler Perry

#37. Having Indian In Their Family

#36. Cookouts and Barbecuing

#35. Having Rhythm

#34. Supporting Stupid Black People

#33. Oodles of Noodles

#32. Kung Fu Movies

#31. Rims

#30. Frying

#29. Scarface

#28. Spanking Their Children and Not Apologizing For It

#27. Refering To Celebrities By Their First Names

#26. Wearing Hats Crooked

#25. Playing Music Really REALLY Loud

#24. Discriminating Against Interracial Couples

#23. Big Face Watches

#22. Not Tipping

#21. Lotion and Chapstick

#20. Puffy Coats

#19 Fiction Books About Sex and Infidelity

#18. Talking During The Movie

#17. Obamawear

#16. Being Good At Running

#15. Being Openly Racist

#14. Not Using Contraceptives

#13. Making Fun of People Who Own a Prius

#12. Cadillac Escalades

#11. Bringing Up Slavery

#10. Hot Combs

#9. Complaining & Talking Loud

#8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

#7. Bootleg DVDs

#6. Giving Their Children Made-Up Names That Are Hard to Spell and Pronounce

#5. Eating at Mama’s House

#4. Expensive Tennis Shoes

#3. Incense

#2. Making Fun of Darker Black People

#1. Being Black

  1. and fried chiken

  2. Hard to dispute any of this. The only ones I wasn’t familiar with is incense and noodles, lol.

    • It is very easy to dispute this article unless you are gullible to lies. This article needs to be removed. Very pitiful smh.

  3. I find myself coming back to your web-site only because you have lots of awesome insights and also you happen to be at this a while, which is very impressive and tells me you know your stuff.

  4. pretty sure not making payments on the cadillac escalade and watermelon should be sorted in that list somewhere



  6. this blog sucks, nobody commented on anything lmao white people lost. visit stuff white people like for a funny blog.

    • This is exactly the ignorant shit I’d expect from those who think this blog is any different than that one. The only real difference is that this whole list is honest and the what white people like is full of stupid meaningless shit obviously pulled from some Abercrombie and Fitch ad or ABC family/TLC bullshit. It doesn’t reflect what white people actually like(accept for things like, being healthy and intelligent).. Now if on that list it said anything like white people like: Being the top race, raising our children, believing in ourselves and our communities, not shooting each other, staying in school, higher education, speaking to our fathers, having fathers, keeping jobs, not riding the welfare state, Science, Exploration, fascination with the unknown, creating new things, discovering new things, appreciation of nature/animals, using contraception, visiting Doctors, Environment, living, having nice things ect… the list goes on and on but im hoping that at least a fraction of you will be able to understand the thought process here and continue in your own heads.

  7. Chris Wood, if that’s even your REAL name, I would FUCKING kill you. You should cut this blogging stuff out and go tell the “Black People” how you really feel, but no, you’re a pussy, you’d rather write in your diary. The world has no place for people like you, and trust me I know, there’s A LOT of people like you. Shut up before someone shuts you up. YOU RACIST FUCK

    • Dear Black Monkeys

      Typical nigger, telling someone he’s gonna kill him just because he doesn’t like his opinion. Go back to Africa you violent monkey, and take your brothers with you. This country has no place for people like you.

  8. I’m a black man, and I love gang-banging/creampie-ing tight, white bitches. Give them a nice load of the “black juice”, give them a beautiful black baby, and then move onto the next white bitch.

    LOL, white men are ENVIOUS OF US! Settle down FamousAmos, he’s just a damn cracker troll.

    • Black men also like to have anal and oral homosexual sex. Most black men are at least bisexual if not fully gay. The result, I would guess from all the years of growing up with their brother, cousin’s, dad’s, etc. dick in their mouths & bubble butts. Along with the fact, the vast majority of them have spent a considerable amount of their lives in prison where their only sexual outlet, which I’m certain is embraced with eager enthusiasm, is with another man. I don’t fully understand their preference, when there is an abundance of black females out there with nothing that even vaguely resembles moral values. But I guess it’s just part of their culture and white’s should just ignore it and accept it as part of basically who they are as a race.

      • Lmaooo. I am black and married. My family probably is more successful than yours and homosexuality is not prevalent in my family. My husband had a career defending your pansy ass in the US armed forces and is retired at 34. He is a wonderful father to our three sons and one daughter. They aren’t showing signs of homosexuality as of yet. My question is how many black family do you know or do you get all your information from TV?

      • Your husband joined at 14? Doubt half of what you just is true. If he joined at 17 (reality) and left at 34 he had 17 years in meaning he doesn’t get shit, and is separated from the military, not retired. Nice try though, you might have fooled a couple people.

      • Karin, why the fuck are you making ot sound like homosexuality is a disease? Actin like it cancer.

      • You white boys love wearing dresses and being fucked in the ass by girls and men.

    • You don’t actually believe that do you? Getting profiled and harassed by police is not actually something I’m envious of.

  9. I don’t understand why anyone in their right mind would ever screw a disgusting black. Teach your kids to stick to humans before your bloodline is infected!! I believe #1 is commiting crime, you should clear that up.

    • Your race is the infection to which our melanin is the cure. You will one day no longer infect this world as my race can and will annihalate yours. You mad or naah? Lol


      Your thought process is disgusting, I pray for people like you knowing you will never change and for the record WE ARE FUCKING HUMANS YOU IGNORANT BASTARD!!!! and don’t respond either let it sink in dummy

  10. How about fried chicken and watermelon?

    • First of all God made black people and if he made us then it’s perfectly okay to be black and your kids if raised right and believe in Christ would know Jesus loves every race of people. You are acting inhuman like the devil Satan just to be talking that way. Wake up and smell the coffee it’s also black.

      • The only good coffee has ALOT of white milk and sugar in it. Otherwise its just overly potent smelly bitter garbage water.

    • Did you know colonial sanders was a white man who started people to eating chicken that’s the name of his restaurant . and white people have always made light of black people eating watermelon. Its one of the healthiest fruits to eat in the world it’s so popular now that white people have raised the price on it.

  11. Haha, good list, I wasn’t familiar with the “Referring to Celebrities by Their First Name” and”Internet Dating Sites”, well except for that one site…

    This list is just missing one thing , Tiger Rugs/ Rugs


  13. Glad that I dont kbow anyone black
    All the people of color I know are Proud AfroAmerican

  14. I wouldnt even respond to some nonsense or negative response`s. Then you are stooping to their level. Most not all white people are white devils . They have stole everything they got. And now they want us to stoop to their level. If you no who you are , it doesnt bother you. They put stuff like that out there because its a form of trying to brainwash us as a chosen people. There is good and bad in ALL races. Theur kidsvare shooting dope , popping oxy and killing their spouses for insurances money. They got doctor going to China and inther countries exploiting their children for their sick ass sexual desires. Honey sisters and brothers dont stoop to these sick ass people. They really hate themselves and that just a way they are expressing that.

    • Your husband joined at 14? Doubt half of what you just is true. If he joined at 17 (reality) and left at 34 he had 17 years in meaning he doesn’t get shit, and is separated from the military, not retired. Nice try though, you might have fooled a couple people.

    • Average white guy

      No race kills itself as well as the blacks just fyi… At least my father stayed in my life which helped me learn speech and grammer.

  15. Josh Powell . Tom Foley . Columbine High School Tim Mcvay the list goes on and on. Not to mention Monica L oh, lets not forget to the other white who was sleeping with that politician and came up missing.

  16. Good and bad in ALL

  17. Pasror David, love, charles manson, ted bundy, jeffrey domner (sp), susan smith, diane downs, martha sterwart, bruce post and the pitbull gang, lindsey lohan, monique berkley

  18. Vicki. Morgan and alfred morgan,, lester Holton, dana clair edwards,

  19. Vicki morgan and sick ass alfred bloomingdale

  20. Love the blog, keep it up!

  21. oh you forgot aboue the 2 wws weed and whitegirls

  22. This is hilarious. People that get their panties in a bunch because of something meant to be lighthearted need to go outside and watch a sunset because they definitely don’t have enough beauty in their life to see when someone is being facetious. A+, 10/10, would read again.

  23. Sarqush Shareese Jones

    i cant belive they brought up hot combs

  24. Kool aid

  25. Hunter Burnett

    Black people Dig: Nehi Grape Soda

  26. Wearing hats like the royals do, when the British are the ones that brought them over as slaves. fruit punch, corn on the cob, illiterate dumbass language, driving fancy cars and live in a shack in the ghetto, mooching off the government.

  27. Singing Amazing Grace or When The Saints Come Marching In

  28. Josh Hopkins

    Wigs( hair hats), littering

  29. Josh Hopkins

    Playing the race card at work( if employed ).
    Standing in line for Section 8 Voucher application process ( Mom and kids quality time ).

  30. Lawrence Norkunas

    They thought they were so great and they’re 8% of the population of America. Donald Trump will show them. The Kardashians want to compare themselves to the Kennedys. Are you kidding me????? Monkeys in the jungle next to White Normal Royalty. Irish slaves to the Kennedy family, hello. None of the niggers have normal names. It’s the name of the slave holder.

    • Lawrence Norkunas

      backing there cars in for a quick getaway. They hate police because they’re always the one in the wrong. Sunday morning at Red Lobster where the men with these yellow and purple and lime green suits. thrift store. the huge 400-pound black women, which British women hats. the British are the ones that collected them from Africa and brought them over here as slaves to pick cotton for their stupid hats.

      • Lawrence Norkunas

        backing there cars in for a quick getaway. They hate police because they’re always the one in the wrong. Sunday morning at Red Lobster where the men with these yellow and purple and lime green suits. thrift store. the huge 400-pound black women, which British women hats. the British are the ones that collected them from Africa and brought them over here as slaves to pick cotton for their stupid hats.

      • Stuff white people like, being gay,using white privilege and stealing from other cultures. Claiming everything as theirs and don’t do shit at work because you know it all.

    • You call your names normal, buttasski.
      You whites are full of shit. I see why most black people hate you cave apes.

      • Whites are cave apes? Lol literally the reason you jungle loving fire dancers can even read and write is because we graced you with slavery. otherwise, you’d still be dancing around fires and getting aids from fucking the closest thing your related to which would be monkeys. Thanks for infecting the rest of humans. We wish often that 1 guy with a single shot musket would have not gathered an entire tribe up and brought them here.

  31. Slow jams, Big Freedia and tapping that fat ass

  32. Carmex and a big bottle of cocoa lotion.

  33. Terry Jerome Simpson sr

    Some I object ,some is on point it our choice to get the good out of life it open field for all race or creed of people the way is see it we are human which we been created by God .unfornely we make decisions that doesn’t mean us any good so we live with it .for true we deal with bitter sweet

  34. thehopefuladdict

    Pretty funny you should add “throwing the race card anytime or anyplace when they don’t agree with something”

  35. EEOC and slip-n-fall lawsuits

  36. Black people like:

    – standing around on the apartment balcony doing nothing
    – WEED
    – big hoopy earrings
    – using foodstamps in expensive grocery stores
    – making a BIG DEAL about trivial accomplishments at work (e.g. “That’s my Certificate of Completion of the online two hour class about our health insurance.”)
    – going to meetings but not saying anything
    – sitting in the chairs in hotel lobbies for hours
    – ironing their clothes

  37. You are freaking hilarious!!!!

  38. Bossip and Remy hair

  39. Monistat vaginal cream for daily use. The 24oz tube runs out after a week.

  40. Moaning about their children’s future impacted by Trumps’ presidency. Thou doth protest too much.

  41. This is the dumbest shit i ever read. Nobody does this

  42. I’m sure this article came from a simple minded, stereotypical, uneducated individual. This article needs to be removed for the incredible degrading comments made towards our beautiful African American people.

  43. University of Phoenix : I gots ma edumacation !

  44. #1 HONKIES.



    This is FUCKING degrading, for the simple fact you have things we like to go to jail– News flash–NO THE FUCK WE DONT and there are black people in this world who have not even been arrested I’m sure if I check white people stuff nothing offensive will be posted and whoever came up with this fucked up list is the biggest racist, and the black people laughing at this list is ignorant.

    • Yup, but then again it comes from a race that worship the devil and started racism in America, so i expect it from them.
      Whites love Homosexuals #4.

  47. Basketball #1

  48. Stuff white people like ,#1 having sex with animals #2 inbreeding and #3 Cops.

  49. Stuff white people like, white privilege.

  50. Stuff white people like, mass shootings.

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