Wanna Complain?

Despite the fact that this blog is intended purely for entertainment purposes, we at “Stuff Black People Dig” realize someone will come here and see something or read something they find offensive and feel the need to complain….

Obviously, such people have no sense of humor, but can post those complaints here anyway. Hopefully such people will find another complainer and they’ll get together and have little complaining kids to feed…

In which case, you’re welcome!

  1. So I’m a server and a bartender and I just fell in love with this article

    • It doesnt take a 5th grader to figure that one out. Everything Aryan is about white supremacy and hate and pulling down non-white folks. So that name itself has to go. Fox News is Aryan enough. BET is about positivity and uplifting black and other non-white folks.

  2. Meaequex (pronounced Mikey)

    Great site, look forward to your explaining how BET can exist while the ‘Aryan Network’ application keeps disappearing…every year???

  3. Obersturmbannführer-SS

    Awesome site bro!! Keep it up… Just stumbled upon it from a link on IMDb.. hilarious, but 99.44% true!!

  4. the only things missing seem to be the obvious: fried chicken, and of course not getting an education and being proud of having a hard time speaking english

  5. I’ve been wanting to create a parody of stuffwhitepeoplelike.com, but you beat me to it and did a great job. Hilarious stuff!

  6. 1. Ebonics
    2. watermelon
    3. “pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin’ like a fool with the pants on the ground”
    4. Large Fake Coach purses
    5. Flea Market “gold” jewelry; scripted name jewelry; jewelry with just one letter’ and don’t forget the hideous DOOR KNOCKER earrings
    6. Fake grills (teeth) (http://thugfashion.com/Group.cfm?Brand_ID=20)
    7. Tweety bird house shoes in WalMart
    8. Using T-shirts to mourn lost ones
    9. Headband covers for when the weave starts to grow or fall out
    10. Holding a gun sideways (like the hat)
    11. Wearing white shirts that are four sizes too big
    12. Very HIGH colorful strapped heels or tennis shoes on heels
    13. All rap songs contain drinking, sex, and being at the club (maybe while their children from three baby’s daddy’s stay home by themselves)
    14. http://www.ehow.com/how_2363194_make-tin-foil-grill-mouth.html
    15. Crown or dollar sign 14k Gold Plated Diamond Cut pendant

  7. Man, I wish you would do one for Asians. That model minority crap needs to go away.

    • Good one – yeah, Asians are LOADED with stubborn pigheaded ideas that are actually quite funny with some perspective. Detailing the behavior of my Asian mother-in-law would fill a book of comedy.

  8. Caps lock. We do love our CAPS LOCK. It’s the only way to TALK LOUDLY when typing.

  9. This site is a racist’s dream. Since its a “parody”, its okay to laugh and enjoy the stereotypes these ppl have to endure throughout their lives…

  10. Is this a serious website? For real? Seriously? You weren’t doing anything else?

  11. You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. A troubadour of the ages. Your tales will go down in history as the most ‘balla’ and ‘tight’ (I believe that is what the Black Folk say) in all of the Internet.

    Stay real.

    I believe Black People also say that on occasion.

  12. To Mikey:

    There are literally dozens of Aryan networks.
    ABN Andhra Jyothi
    CNBC Awaaz
    Gurbani TV
    India Vision
    Aaj Talk
    NDTV Hindu
    Raj News
    NTV Telugu

    and many more.

    Hope this helps!

  13. I’m grateful for you because of this good written content. You definitely did make my day :

  14. I’m how you say at odds with your post but as stereotypical as it may be you have a few hidden points. Your right people shouldn’t be so uptight…..Your bold….but pretty funny!!!….Keep it going

  15. Judge whatever is going on is false or true, but your judgement ofcourse is a little harder to understood where you are making money and fun of all the news which is published under your jurisdiction and on a side you are littlebit not aware of crucial options which you have to take at right moment. So, please be aware of your news which regularly read by your users – which can make your market down by making a fraudless news.

  16. Michael Jones

    The most ironic thing about this site is that people like you are the first to declare ‘reverse racism’ and declare that people of color are unfairly labeling you as racists.

  17. Very funny, but way off with the Prius thing. Anyone who knows much about cars, or the environment, hate this ugly, inefficient affront to motoring.

  18. One topic you left out is blacks loving to pile on the cologne and perfume which you did allude to by saying if its good to do in their mind then its good to overdo.

  19. niggaz be liek all fuk nigga y he gotta ba hatin on nah shit.

  20. Please, please, write more posts – this is great – reading the comments is fun too, so many have no sense of humor. BTW, do you live in Canada? If not, near the border, right? Reading between the lines in your posts I’d say you live up north, in hockey country.

  21. Your ignorant and I hope you get educated. Your post is not true nor funny. People like you with no self respect have to tought a lesson if not by someone, it would definitley be from god.

  22. I wanted to like you on Facebook but couldn’t find you ! Reverse racism in our country has been getting more and more on my nerves lately and this actually made me feel better !! I was just googling why black people are too dumb to speak English and stumbled across your blog. You are on point on all observations and very astute !

  23. I know the site Stuff White People like. It’s hilarious and filled with both positive and negative stereotypes. Even as it makes fun of white people it makes them likeable. This site however is not funny at all. The delivery is dry and juvenile. It does not have an iota of the skill SWPL’s author has. And it’s just an amalgamation of insulting stereotypes which are perpetrated by white media.
    You can tell by the kind of comments it attracts. SWPL never got the hateful comments this site has. And by that I mean white people come on here and further bash black people. You wouldn’t find black people bashing white people on SWPL.
    There will be no book deal for this site. It will forever remain in the swamps of the interent where it belongs. And all the white people who find it difficult to cope in a world full of black people who scare them can come and hangout here and talk big and say all sorts of things to make themselves feel better.

  24. Lucy, you are right. SWPL is inoffensive. And BORING! And I case you didn’t know, boring is NOT funny.

    It points at coffee, for example, and says, “white people like coffee,” So what?? It says, “White people like vintage clothing. Yup! They like vintage clothing.” Sooooo?? Are we just supposed to already KNOW why that’s funny? Is the humor self-evident? No, it is not. And I speak as a white man. Been one my whole life.

    SWPL never says WHY white people like coffee and vintage clothing. Or WHY liking coffee or vintage clothing is unique to white people. THAT’S where the humor would be if there was any. But like so many efforts to poke fun at white people, it can’t because it is white and can’t see itself. And I suspect that what you think of as “funny” about the site is just the smug pleasure you get from seeing yourself, your culture, reflected back to you in this completely inoffensive way. You probably think, “White people like coffee? Why yes, I do! They are so RIGHT! That’s funny. White people like modern furniture? We sure do! Isn’t it funny that someone on the Internet knows what white people like?!”

    A while back, Martin Mull made a video called, “The History of White People in America.” In it he tried so hard to make white people funny but he couldn’t do it. Why not? Because as the dominant culture, white people see what they do as NORMAL. As RIGHT and CORECT. And what’s funny about that? There is no ethnic humor about being Japanese in Japan because there is no group to contrast the Japanese people against.

    in America, white comedy is just called COMEDY. Chevy Chase’s Vacation movies? White people’s vacation stories as comedy. Home Alone? Seriously? A white kid left at home with a fully stocked mansion because his parents forgot him when the WHOLE FAMILY went on a vacation to PARIS!?? Definitely a White People’s Comedy! Animal House? White people’s college experience as a comedy. Why “white”? Because ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE WHITE!

    Yet the FACT of the comedies’ WHITENESS is not noted because it isn’t even NOTICED. The characters whiteness is irrelevant.

    So if it’s irrelevant, how do we KNOW it is white comedy? Because when Bill Cosby did his show in the eighties about an upper-class, professional black couple raising their children to go to college and become professionals, he was ACCUSED of “acting white”!! Of doing a white sitcom with black actors! Of putting on a Minstrel Show in reverse. Actors in blackface playing whites.

    If Stuff White People Like wanted to be funny it would explain WHY white people liking coffee demonstrates the absurdity of their whiteness or what foolish aspect about whitenessL makes them choose to drive a Prius. A terrible Boston Globe(?) article said the site was poking fun at white LIBERALS and I could almost see it. But that was just a guess by the writer. The site never mentions the self-congratulatory posture of its white people liking its white stuff.

    If SWPL wanted to actually be funny it would need to first become insightful into why the things white people like are either absurd, ridiculous, insulting, demonstrates bigotry or ignorance or any kind of undeserved approbation to white people. In other words, white people would be the butt of all the posts, just like black people are the butt of these posts. That’s how humor works. It “makes fun” of people.

    So lighten up!

  25. This is not funny, this is the truth, and sometimes truth can be funny when its not about you or when you are slow you anger. I look at this more as a tool, to gauge how the world looks at us. Now the only reason why this site can exist is because Black people don’t control our image in the media, because we lack the unity and resources to do so.

    Hitler from Nazi Germany fame used the same tactics on the jews. Black people need to study the jews and apply those lessons they learned to our situation, then sites like this wouldn’t exist.

  26. whoever writes this bullshit can go to hell! pathetic waste of lives ALL OF YOU

  27. This website maybe so racist and I don’t like it. I’m black and what your describing is a ghetto black person,(in most descriptions) see the difference. Yeah I like fried chicken but what this website did ( in most comments) was racist and cruel


  29. arnold szhvarzneNIGGER

    happy fucking holiday

  30. Hilarious blog. You’re missing a lot of key points that LISA so generously pointed out.
    So hilarious that I’m sharing it on my raceplay blog: http://www.raceplay.tumblr.com

  31. I find no humor in this article. The comments are very insulting simple-minded and completely far from the truth. African Americans are beautiful hard-working educated individual who deserves more respect. These are the types of underhanded jokes that represents a stereotypical judgment that is very condescending and quite frankly we are very tired of these stereotypes please stop. It’s very pitiful.

  32. Blacks must eat fish and food from cold regions to stop the effects of the cold. Thats what whites and asians do. Chicken wont fight off cold. Chicken is a animal from a warm region. They dont have enough oil in their.blood. if blacks dont eat food from cold regions their kids will be dumb because of the cold. We should havest whales and cold animals indoors to be eaten for humans. Thats is the only way to stop the cold from damaging brain power

  33. A Voice of Reason Speaks

    | people like ___
    Yeah no haha, there’s no such thing. You have absolutely no idea who they is (I don’t use ‘are’ because it’s singular).
    Maybe they is just someone who likes ethnic humour?
    If you dislike all humour based on ethnicity, then maybe you should just avoid stuffXpeoplelike.whatever.

    Oh, and by the way for anyone who doesn’t know, bigotry is bigotry no matter how you slice it.

  34. stuff black people dig

    im not sure this needs to exist i think tv instagram and literally everyone on earth does a ‘great’ job of making fun of black people

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