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#2. Making Fun of Darker Black People

wesleysnipesBlack People dig being Black more than they dig breathing, but it’s not good to be too Black (as in skin color, not attitude).

If come upon a group of Black friends, chances are the darkest one has the lowest self esteem, even lower than the fattest one. Why? Because being fat is relatively acceptable in the Black Community. Fat Black People can be a rich source of humor and knowledge of where the best places to eat are. But an extremely black Black Person? That’s just unacceptable even in extreme cases.

Charlie Murphy, Whoopie Goldberg’s lips, the back of Forest Whitaker’s neck, Wesley Snipes and other darker than usual Black People are repeatedly made fun of for their darker skin. Why? Because this makes brown Black People who feel the entire world is constantly discriminating against them for being Black feel just a little bit better about themselves by knowing there are darker people they can discriminate against (not unlike how Caucasian People make fun of other Caucasian People for being too pale, but far more harsh and mean spirited).