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#5. Eating at Mama’s House

mamafoodDo you know a Black Person? Well, here’s an experiment you can perform. Take a Black Person out to dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town. Order all the best dishes and make sure you get the Black Person’s opinion on how great the food tastes.

Then arrange to have dinner at the Black Person’s mother’s house the very next night. 11 times out of 10 the Black Person in question will prefer the food cooked and consumed at their mother’s house. Not even Wolfgang Puck can whip up a plate of food tastier than a Black Person’s mother can. It’s an irrefutable scientific fact.

It doesn’t even matter if the Black Person’s mother is currently deceased. Any food cooked and eaten at their mother’s last known residence will always taste better than food cooked and eaten anywhere else on the face of the Earth. Is it nostalgia? Is it genetics? Who knows? But if you ever attempt to impress a black person with your cooking, be forewarned: your potato salad will never even come close to mama’s. Don’t even try.