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#4. Expensive Tennis Shoes


Let’s face it, everyone loves wearing expensive shoes. They look good, feel good (sometimes), and if you have the money to afford them you must be doing pretty good financially (or have access to lots of money).

However, wearing expensive tennis shoes in the Black Community isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a status symbol. The same way a Black Person will put ridiculously expensive rims on a ridiculously inexpensive or downright ugly piece of junk vehicle, a Black Person will blow their entire checking account on a pair of Brand New white and clean-looking Nikes (or whichever brand is in style at the moment) and wear them in an environment they know full well will ensure their shoes won’t stay white, Brand New or clean-looking for very long in a vain and foolish attempt to look “fly” or “baller” (looking “fly” or “baller” at all times is extremely crucial to every Black Person).

It’s also no surprise that females in the Black Community usually decide which man they will decide to get pregnant by depending on how expensive his shoes are, for if a man can afford expensive shoes he must surely be able to financially support a child and the mother it came from.

This is why it has become increasingly dangerous to frequent any establishment where a large amount of Black People are wearing expensive tennis shoes because it increases the chances of said shoes being scuffed or stepped on, resulting in a disastrous situation that will always end in violence 100% of the time.