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#51. Not Being Able To Take Criticism

ignorantBlack People are an extremely passionate group of individuals (they can experience passion up to 13% more than other groups). However, this heightened sense of passion can sometimes work against the Black Community.

Thanks mostly to slavery, any criticism towards anything related to Black People will be quickly pegged as racism… even if it is another Black Person who is doing the criticizing. Black People who (justifiably) criticize other Black People are promptly branded as being a sellout or an Uncle Tom.

You see, many Black People believe that, because their ancestors were horribly wronged over the course of centuries, that gives them the right to not take responsibility for their actions.

Far too many Black People believe that they don’t need to get their high school diploma when they can just settle for a GED, don’t need to read books, don’t need to study and learn facts or solve math problems, don’t need to go to and graduate from college, don’t need to eat healthy and exercise, don’t need to save money, should embrace gang life, should blame Caucasian People for all their problems, don’t need to work a decent job and stay out of prison, shouldn’t be interested in politics, don’t need to be proper parents to their children, should objectify women, and so on.

To point out anything negative that a Black Person may have done, may be doing, or may be planning to do is a tremendous taboo within the Black Community. The freedom many Black Slaves only dreamed about a few centuries ago is now being squander by Black People who are unwilling or unable to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and be the best they can possibly be and avoid becoming stereotypes.

Perhaps the election of America’s first Non-Caucasian President will give the Black Community the hope and the inspiration to live better lives, but until more Black People are willing to admit their mistakes and try to fix them that will never happen.

#17. Obamawear

obamawearIt goes without saying that Black People love the new president (did you know he’s Black?). But it’s the intensity in which Black People love the new president that is most telling.

It is common knowledge that Black People can love things up to 9% more than most other groups of people, so it’s no wonder that Black People choose to express their love for the new president in the most sacred way possible: clothing.

The same way certain Caucasian People like to advertise their political views in the form of bumper stickers on their pickup trucks, Black People like to wear theirs in the form of a walking talking human billboard. Shirts, caps, wristbands, you name it. If you were to pick a random Black Person off the street and take a look into their closet you would most certainly find at least one item of clothing with the new president’s name or face on it.

Black People have a spiritual connection with the clothing they choose to wear. What a Black Person wears in public can tell you everything you need to know about that particular Black Person. So when they choose to advertise the newly elected president by wearing his name or likeness, they are letting everyone know they are Black, will never vote Republican, and are in love with the fact that the new president is a Black Person like them, and “that’s what’s up“.