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#14. Not Using Contraceptives

no_trojanAccording to the US Census Bureau, Black People make up approximately 13.5% of the population in the United States as of 2007. However, when’s the last time you saw a Black Female over the age of 19 that didn’t already have at least one kid?

It is truly amazing how the rate of teen pregnancy in the Black Community continues to skyrocket while the number of Black People in the United States stays exactly the same (but since when have Black People been known to take the census anyway?)

The vast majority of Young Black People attend public schools and, thanks to Christian Groups, the inclusion of comprehensive Sexual Education classes in the school curriculum has been expressly forbidden. This, combined with the fact that Black People have a libido 14 times stronger than most other groups of people and need to “bone” all the time, usually results in a plethora of pregnant Black teenagers.

However, there is a small but growing group of Young Black People that are trying to use contraceptives to prevent unwanted teen pregnancy, but as stated, the Black Libido is so powerful it can cut right through condoms and diaphragms like butter.

Also, there are rumors  floating around about a secret plan by the Black Community to overpopulate the United States with fatherless Black Children, but the plan has been constantly derailed by Stupid Black People who continue to get themselves arrested, killed, or get other Black People arrested and killed.