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#24. Discriminating Against Interracial Couples

heidi-sealDespite the fact that virtually all Black People in America have ancestors that are not Black (i.e. slavery), and despite the fact that many famous personalities that are popular with Black People come from an interracial background (Halle Berry, Tiger Woods, The Rock, Vin Diesel, The President), the sight of a Black Person in an intimate embrace with someone that is not Black still sends a cold chill up a Black Person’s spine. But why? The answer is more complex than you might think.

Black Hate towards interracial couples is perhaps one of, if not the biggest controversy in the Black Community, but it is not without nuance. Black People are permitted to have intimate contact with the following Non-Black groups: Asian People, Spanish/Mexican People, Samoan People, Indian People, Native American People, dark-skinned Italian People, Aboriginal People and Jewish People with extremely curly hair.

Black People are not permitted to have intimate contact with the following Non-Black groups: Caucasian People.

The most despised combination is of course the Black Male and the Caucasian Female, even if it’s only in a fiction sense (just as Wesley Snipes). Because of the large number of incarcerated Black Males in America (over 1 million), the ratio of available Black Females to Black Males can be as high as 7 to 1 in some cases. And since the vast majority of Black Females can not possibly imagine living their lives without a Black Male to complain to their girlfriends about, many Black Females see interracial couples as threatening their personal happiness (even if the Black Female in question is already in a long-term relationship).

That and the Black Community’s ongoing resentment towards Caucasian People over slavery. Jewish People didn’t stop being intimate with Caucasian People after the holocaust, but Black People seem hellbent on limiting their romantic options and choosing to be alone rather than embrace Caucasian People as possible life partners. But Black People’s overwhelming propensity for “boning” will ultimately make this form of discrimination obsolete.

#2. Making Fun of Darker Black People

wesleysnipesBlack People dig being Black more than they dig breathing, but it’s not good to be too Black (as in skin color, not attitude).

If come upon a group of Black friends, chances are the darkest one has the lowest self esteem, even lower than the fattest one. Why? Because being fat is relatively acceptable in the Black Community. Fat Black People can be a rich source of humor and knowledge of where the best places to eat are. But an extremely black Black Person? That’s just unacceptable even in extreme cases.

Charlie Murphy, Whoopie Goldberg’s lips, the back of Forest Whitaker’s neck, Wesley Snipes and other darker than usual Black People are repeatedly made fun of for their darker skin. Why? Because this makes brown Black People who feel the entire world is constantly discriminating against them for being Black feel just a little bit better about themselves by knowing there are darker people they can discriminate against (not unlike how Caucasian People make fun of other Caucasian People for being too pale, but far more harsh and mean spirited).