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#34. Supporting Stupid Black People

chrisbrownOn February 8th of this year musician Chris Brown, Black Person, physically abused his girlfriend Rihanna, but some of his fans (who just so happened to be Black) have continued to support him despite his terrible actions.

Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick, Black Person, was convicted for his involvement in an illegal dog fighting ring, but still had Black Celebrities supporting him including Whoopie Goldberg and Jamie Foxx, who even tried to explain Vick’s actions as being “a cultural thing” (which would be like Jeffrey Dahmer‘s lawyer defending his client’s actions as being “a cultural thing”). This act of Black People defending obviously guilty Black People for their crimes is not as unusual or uncommon as you might think.

Thanks to slavery and the terrible events that occurred during the Civil Rights Movement, Black People have developed an overwhelming need to protect their own when attacked (but then again who doesn’t?). However, this also means that any criticism or negative press towards another Black Person by someone that is not also a Black Person (no matter how factual) is not to be believed and is seen as a deliberate attack against all Black People everywhere.

Hence why supporting stupid Black People has become such a dangerous practice within the Black Community, even more dangerous than purchasing rims. It all seems to have started with the O.J. Trial (where the Black Community has at least admitted their mistake in that instance) and has worked its way right into present day.

Will Black People ever recognize the need to criticize their own when one beats up his girlfriend, abuses animals or uses a homophobic slur while being interviewed? Only time will tell.

#2. Making Fun of Darker Black People

wesleysnipesBlack People dig being Black more than they dig breathing, but it’s not good to be too Black (as in skin color, not attitude).

If come upon a group of Black friends, chances are the darkest one has the lowest self esteem, even lower than the fattest one. Why? Because being fat is relatively acceptable in the Black Community. Fat Black People can be a rich source of humor and knowledge of where the best places to eat are. But an extremely black Black Person? That’s just unacceptable even in extreme cases.

Charlie Murphy, Whoopie Goldberg’s lips, the back of Forest Whitaker’s neck, Wesley Snipes and other darker than usual Black People are repeatedly made fun of for their darker skin. Why? Because this makes brown Black People who feel the entire world is constantly discriminating against them for being Black feel just a little bit better about themselves by knowing there are darker people they can discriminate against (not unlike how Caucasian People make fun of other Caucasian People for being too pale, but far more harsh and mean spirited).